Do you want to come into a world of New Sensations and find out about Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
The visits are divided into 3 very different parts:

1) A visit to the countryside, going to several olive groves (60 min.)
This takes you into the world of Olive Growing, where you'll see young olive trees and thousand-year old ones, and where all the cultivation processes will be explained to you.

2) Visit to the premises on the “El Teuladi” Estate (40 min)
On our estate, you will visit the installations where the whole process of preparing, preserving and bottling our olive oil will be explained to you.

 3) Oil Tasting and Pairing Appreciation in our "Oleoteca" (60 min)
You will sample 3 of our oils, and we will explain all the phases of a tasting (Visual, Olfactory and Taste) and we'll explain the nuances of flavour and which foods each oil should be paired with.

Make your reservation in advance. There must be a minimum of 10 people in a group
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