Seņorios de Relleu is awarded for the sixth year in international competition Terraolivo Israel
We have been awarded with a "Grand Prestige Gold Medal: Gran Prestige Gold" in one of the most recognized organized in Israel as one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the World international contests.

Young Innovator Farmer of the Year Award 2016 ASAJA
This week has been very special for us !! On Saturday the Agraria Association of Young Farmers of Alicante (ASAJA) awarded our manager Hugo Quintanilla as Young Farmer Innovator of the Year. It is more than a prize, it is a recognition more than deserved more for his career, dedication and good work. We leave the report that has come out in the press.

SAVBOR Food & Wine 2016
We are in Miami, Florida, USA in fair SAVBOR: FINE FOOD AND WINE EXHIBITION 2O16. Where are introducing our range of oils to the US market.

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