Legal Notice

1. General Company Information
In compliance with article 10 of the Spanish Act 34/2002 of 11 July, of Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services, the following corporate identity information is shown:
Name: Señorios de Relleu S.L.U.
Corporate name: Señorios de Relleu
Company Tax No [C.I.F.]: B54504477
Registered Office: C/ Moratin 15, Esc. 3. Oficina 6-7. 03008. Alicante
Telephone: +34 965 98 44 46
Fax: + 34 965 99 08 40
Email address:

2. Intellectual Property
The source code, the graphic design, the images, the photographs, the sounds, the animations, the software, the texts, as well as the information and contents included in Señorios de Relleu are protected by the Spanish law on intellectual property rights in favour of the company’s corporate name and the reproduction and/or publication, whether in full or in part, of the website is forbidden, as is its computer processing, distribution, dissemination, modification, change or decompiling, and the remaining rights legally acknowledged to its holder, without the prior written consent of the same, Señorios de Relleu.
Only the user may use the material that appears on this website for its personal and private use. Its use for commercial purposes or to commit unlawful activities is forbidden. All rights that derive from intellectual property are expressly reserved for Señorios de Relleu.
Señorios de Relleu shall make sure the aforementioned conditions are complied with and the contents on the website are used correctly, and shall exercise all the corresponding civil and criminal actions in case of infringement or non-compliance of these rights by the user.

3. Protection of Personal Data
In compliance with the governing law, specified in the Organic Act 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), whose purpose is to guarantee and protect, with regards to the processing of personal data, the freedom and fundamental rights of individuals, and especially their honour and personal privacy, Señorios de Relleu informs the users that: Señorios de Relleu has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures in accordance with the regulations in force.
The Personal data collected by Señorios de Relleu is subject to automated processing and duly incorporated in the Data Protection Agency, whose holder is Señorios de Relleu. The Personal Information obtained in the form to register the domain names is transferred to the competent National or International Registry Authorities or Body. The only and exclusive purpose of this transfer is the compliance of purposes that are directly related with the legitimate functions of the transferor (the company) through the contract, that is, registration of the domain name. The purpose of collecting and processing Personal data is to maintain the contractual relationship established with Señorios de Relleu, as well as to carry out information, training and marketing tasks (the latter always being identified as such) and other company activities.
Señorios de Relleu has implemented the appropriate security levels for the data that is provided, and all the necessary technical means and measures have been installed to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and removal of the information that is provided to us. Users may, at any time, exercise the rights recognized in the LOPD, to access, rectify, cancel and object.

4. Miscellaneous
A.- Señorios de Relleu uses cookies that will be stored in your computer. Cookies are small files that our computer sends to your computer, but that do not provide us with information about your name, nor regarding any of your personal information. The cookies we use cannot read data in your computer nor read the cookies that already exist in your computer.
When the user browses the Señorios de Relleu website, the server that hosts it automatically recognizes your computer's IP address, the date and time of your visit, the date and time you leave the website, as well as the information about the different sections that you enter. It is necessary for the server to know this information in order to be able to communicate with you and send you the request, and so that you can see the screen through the browser.
If you wish, you can configure your browser so that it warns you whenever you receive a cookie. The user may configure his computer so that it does not receive these cookies. This will not prevent the user from being able to access the company’s website.
B.- Señorios de Relleu may modify the information in its website, as well as its configuration and appearance without prior notice.
C.- Señorios de Relleu promises NOT TO INCLUDE FALSE ADVERTISING in this website. Therefore, for this purpose, formal or numerical errors that may be found in the content of the different sections of the Señorios de Relleu website, produced as a result of incomplete or defective maintenance and/or update of the information in these sections shall not be considered false advertising. Señoríos de Relleu, as a result of what is stated in this section, promises to correct it as soon as it is aware of such errors.
D.- Señorios de Relleu promises NOT TO SEND COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE WITHOUT IDENTIFYING IT AS SUCH, in accordance with what is established in Act 34/2002 of Information Society Electronic Commerce Services. For these purposes, any information sent TO THE CUSTOMERS of Señorios de Relleu shall not be considered commercial correspondence as long as it is aimed at maintaining the existing contractual relationship between the customer and Señorios de Relleu, as well as carrying out information, training and other activities in connection with the service that the customer has contracted with the company.
E.- Señorios de Relleu is not liable for any breach by the user of any applicable regulation when accessing the company’s website and/or using the information included in it.
F.- Señorios de Relleu shall not be liable for the damages produced or that may be produced, whatever their nature, that derive from the use of the information, of the matters contained in this website and of the programs included in it. The links and hypertext contained in the company’s website allowing the user to access third party services do not belong and are not under the control of Señorios de Relleu, therefore such entity is not liable for the information contained in the same or for any effect that may result from such information.
G.- Señorios de Relleu is not liable for the illicit use that third parties may make of brand names, product names, and trademarks that, although they do not belong to Señorios de Relleu, do appear in the company's website. It is also not liable for the integrity, veracity and lawfulness of the content of the links to the websites that may be accessed from the company's website.
H.- Señorios de Relleu is not liable for the viruses infiltrated by third parties through a telematic transmission (for example, word processor macros, Java applets and Active X software), and generated to cause damage to an computer system.
I.- Finally, the User is the only party liable for the use of the services, contents, links and hypertext included in the company’s website.