1. The best oil is only obtained from the best Olive Grove.
  2. Olives are fruit and must be cherished as such.
  3. Oil is the juice of this fruit and must be cherished as such.
  4. Perfect vegetal protection to produce healthy fruit.
  5. Selection of the fruit straight from the tree, never from the ground.
  6. Careful collection of the olives at their optimum time of ripening.
  7. Production limited to the harvest itself.
  8. Oil press with the highest technology.
  9. Cold grinding in the oil press a few hours after the olive is harvested.
10. The oil rests in our cellars, impriving its quality until it is botted, without being filtered.
11. Bottling is small lots and according to orders, which are comprehensively monitored.
12. Maximum hygiene to obtain a maximun quality product.
13. Product traceability, from the olive to the bottle.

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