We at Señoríos de Relleu not only care for the oil groves and produce the oil, but we also have close relationships within the world of gastronomy, including ties with restaurants, gastrobars, gourmet shops, and catering schools.

Through our day-to-day activities, we are involved in spreading information about the cultivation of the olive, and the gastronomic qualities of EVOO - and, of course, we never forget to stress what a vital part this plays in a healthy Mediterranean diet.

To summarise we publicise this Mediterranean product by:

    -   Visits to the Teuladí Estate
    -   Tastings and "pairing" our oil with dishes in restaurants, gastrobars and gourmet shops throughout Spain and - soon
         to come - abroad.
    -   Tastings and talks at gastronomic cookery schools throughout Spain.
    -   Tastings and talks at trade fairs, etc.
    -   Talks and round table discussions in the agricultural sector, with other producers of EVOO and with the gastronomy sector.
    -   We develop product combinations with other companies.
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